Day 40 – Richmond Track to Lake Tekapo

Richmond Track to Lake Tekapo – 25kms

Total – 692kms

The past few days have been blistering hot during the day then freezing cold overnight. I was really cold in my tent and did not sleep much. I got up at 5.30am and made a strong coffee. Scott got up soon after and we were packed up and leaving our camp by 6.30am. The track continued for 8kms below the Richmond Range and came out on Lilybank road that runs alongside the lake to Tekapo village for about 15kms. Then a few more up to where we are staying. We got in at 12pm and I was already feeling exhausted. My lower back has been aching for a few weeks now and that is transferring into my glutes. My hamstrings are tight and ankles and feet are swollen and stiff. I was in a bit of a low mood and feeling a bit over it today to be honest. It has been 14 days straight now and I really need my rest day tomorrow.

Dad has got us a three bedroom apartment overlooking the lake. It is really nice and comfortable. I can really relax and recover well here tomorrow. Scott and Jane are staying with us here tonight but will push on tomorrow towards Twizel. I have hired a mountain bike and will mix it up by peddling to Twizel on Monday then through to Lake Ohau on Tuesday. I will leave the bike there and head back into the hills and over to Wanaka by Sunday next week.


3 thoughts on “Day 40 – Richmond Track to Lake Tekapo

  1. Vesna Mojsilovic

    Hi Dean, I am back home consoling myself by reading your blog. I suddenly had to change my plans yesterday at 5am when I realized my wallet was missing. Hopeless without money I had to cancel 6 am shuttle and call my husband to safe me.
    I managed to find the wallet after noon when Good dog Friday burger place opened but lost drive.
    I will be taking bus to Twizel on Friday and shuttle to lake Ohau on Saturday.
    Pass my regards to Bill in Jeannine.
    Keep writing.
    Travel safely.


      1. Vesna Mojsilovic

        I’m pleased Robbie will get his mattrass back.I feel guilty Sol and I missed to spot it.
        I’m back on the track on Saturday but unlikely to catch up with you even with all the roads skipped off.
        All the Best


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