Day 59 – Aparima Hut to Telford Campsite

Aparima Hut to Telford Campsite – 21kms

Total – 1131kms

I crossed a swingbridge just past the hut and had a few kilometers of marshlands before entering the bush again for most of the day. I stopped at a hut along the way for lunch and then there was a steady climb that was steep in places up to the tops where it openned up. It was very overcast so I did not have a view at first but it started to clear up while I was descending off the ridge and down into the grasslands.

There is a small campsite here with a stream running next to it and a toilet. There is no road access here and is on the boundary of Mt Linton Station. The owner does not allow camping so DOC have set up this spot so you can get all the way through the station without stopping. The sandflies here are easily the worst I have experienced. It sounds like it is raining on my tent from them hopping around. You can’t be outside because it is just unbearable.

My clothes from yesterday are still wet. I made a clothesline with my walking poles and some nylon I found in the hut but it is not good drying weather. The sun finally came out at 7pm just before it started to dissapear over the valley. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny but then more rain on Saturday.

Camp at the bottom

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