Day 65 – Riverton to Invercargill

Riverton to Invercargill – 32kms

Total – 1266kms

I had a rest day in Riverton and spent the morning sitting in a cafe for a few hours and looking around town a bit. I did not need to do any resupply, planning or preparing for the last few days so I was able to have a proper relax day.

I walked the beach for 22kms all the way to Oreti then 10kms of road into Invercargill. The tide was out and the sand was nice and firm which made it easy. I was able to walk with my eyes closed for 8 minutes and 30 seconds. It took a bit of practice getting used to the feeling. I had to focus hard to keep my eyes shut. Walking down a big beach like that is probably the only place you can try it safely.

It was a bit hard on the feet today with the solid surface of the beach and road. Tomorrow will be 36kms to Bluff, mostly road on SH1 and some cycleway track and finally a bit of a hill to go over and down to Stirling Point.

Stewart Island

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