Day 57 – Mavora Lake Campsite to Princhester Road

Mavora Lake Campsite to Princhester Road – 43kms

Total – 1087kms

I had an hour or so of bush track around south Mavora Lake before a long stretch of gravel road out to SH94. I decided today is the day to do a full marathon that has been a goal of mine since I started the TA. I have come close a few times but not over 42kms. The conditions were perfect. Overcast, wind behind me, flat roads and nice and cool. My ‘all day’ pace is just under 5kms/hr so I had nine hours in mind to finish it.

I crossed a swing bridge at the end of the south lake and it was all road walking from there. My map showed several water sources along the way so I only took one litre in my pack. I finished that at around 15kms in. Unfortunately from there the streams were either dry or polluted by livestock so I got very thirsty. There were a few farm houses along the way that I could have stopped at and asked for water but dad was picking me up at 4pm and I knew he would have water and Powerade for me so I kept going.

I was only a few kms out from the end of the road when dad and Janeen pulled up beside me. I drank a 1.5ltr bottle of water on the side of the road before continuing. That was the best tasting water ever! I needed to do another 5kms to finish the marathon so I carried on to the corner of Princhester Road.

We stayed in Te Anau about 20kms away and had fish and chips by the lake. We had a nice motel apartment where dad and Janeen are basing themselves for the next six days. I called home and then replenished my pack and supplies for the next six days through to Colac Bay.


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