Day 34 – Harper’s Campsite to Lake Coleridge Village

Harper’s Campsite to Lake Coleridge Village – 27kms

Total – 549kms

It got really cold overnight and I had a terrible sleep. It was a combination of cold, being uncomfortable and not wanting to get out of the tent to go toilet when I really needed to. We had planned to get up early and start the road walk so I crawled out of my tent at 6am. Scott and Jane had already made themselves coffee and offered me one. I really needed it so I eagerly accepted. It was a real strong one too and by the time we finished them I was feeling wide awake and warm again. It was so good that I decided I need to carry coffee from now on.

The 22km road walk was done and dusted by 11am and then it was an hour or so around the edge of Lake Coleridge to the village where dad picked me up and took me into Methven. Scott and Jane got picked up by Scott’s brother and are also staying in Methven. Dad will drop us all off tomorrow morning at the trail head.

I had originally planned a rest day tomorrow in Methven but decided to skip it as the last few days have not been too hard and I am still behind schedule because of waiting out the bad weather in Hanmer. It also means that I can continue traveling with Scott and Jane and we can share transport around the big rivers. So my next rest day will now be at Lake Tekapo in another five days.

Dad, Janeen and I went to the Irish pub in Methven and I had the rib eye roast, a few pints of stout and a bailey’s cheesecake. Plus a few prawn twisters, a few of dad’s ribs and scorched almonds later on. It was all amazing!

Lake Coleridge

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