Day 52 – Roses Hut to Arrowtown

Roses Hut to Arrowtown – 23kms

Total – 964kms

The first order of the day was to get up and over Roses saddle and down to Arrow River. It took me an hour or so to get there. You can choose to walk the flood track or down the river for 5kms to Macetown. I chose the river as it is running low and safe enough to do so and I love river walking. I also wondered if I might get lucky and find some gold in there! The alternative track is ugly and much harder as it siddles the river bank. Wading down the river was great. The water was so clear and the riverbed was glistening with quartz crystal all the way down. There were large rocks of solid quartz too, some with red or brown tones and other colorful rocks too, orange, green, blue and red. Its easy to understand the rich mining history of this area. I arrived in Macetown, an old gold and quartz mining ghost town from late 1800’s, and looked in one of the old stone buildings that had been restored. The rest of the town used to stand alongside it but there is nothing there now. There were a few information boards around that explained the history of the town and had some really cool stories about some of the locals and what it was like living back in those times. It is still only accessible by a 15km 4wd track or a tough climb over the ‘Big Hill’ track from Arrowtown. I followed the Big Hill track and sat at the top for a while for a rest. As I descended, Arrowtown and Queenstown came into view right below me. I was admiring the view looking across to the Remarkables when a Falcon had a go at swooping me. I moved on quick! They are beautiful birds though.

I had to stay at the New Orleans Hotel in Arrowtown because the backpackers lodge was booked out by a school group. I walked out of town and off trail to the holiday park because they didn’t answer the phone, then they told me they were booked out. The hotel is right on the main strip in town so that was good. I had a few pints and they do a good chicken schnitzel burger!

A casual walk to Queenstown tomorrow and then a rest day to plan the final two weeks to Bluff!

Top of Roses saddle
Arrow River
Top of Big Hill
Looking down to Arrowtown and Queenstown to the right

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