Day 61 – Birchwood Station to Merrivale Hut

Birchwood Station to Merrivale Hut – 18kms

Total – 1176kms

The Island Bush track was closed due to logging works so I decided to give myself a break and take an easy road walk around both Woodlaw Forest and Island Bush tracks to Merrivale Hut.

I waited at Birchwood Station, with Dave and Charlie, for the rain to clear before setting off. The road walk only took four hours so I was at the hut by 1pm. I got a good look at the Longwood forest ahead which I will be heading into tomorrow. That will be an overnight trip and coming out to Colac Bay on the south coast the next day.

Another great little hut set up by the farm owner at the base of Longwood forest. Sleeps five with water and a toilet.

Merrivale Hut

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