Day 53 – Arrowtown to Queenstown

Arrowtown to Queenstown – 29kms

Total – 993kms

I was expecting a short day to Queenstown so slept in and sat at a cafe having breakfast and coffee until about 10am. Once I finally got going I checked my map and trail notes and realised it was actually 29kms. Pretty flat and easy walking though and there was so much to see along the way which broke it up.

Just out of Arrowtown the trail runs through the middle of Millbrook Resort and Country Club. One of several golf courses in the area. The Hills is next door. The resort is surrounded by beautiful multi-million dollar homes. I picked out a few I might buy one day if I ever win Powerball!

Then across to Lake Hayes and around the western shore line and then on to the Kawarau River. I followed the track down to the Shotover River confluence and then followed that upstream to the footbridge and across to Frankton.

Lake Wakatipu came into view from Frankton and I dropped down to follow the shoreline all the way around to Queenstown waterfront. I sat at a bar and had a beer while I waited for dad and Janeen to arrive. They had picked up an injured TA walker who was hitchhiking around the place until his foot healed. A friendly young american guy. He joined us for a drink then we dropped him back in Frankton to continue hitching.

Dad booked us a really nice apartment with spectacular views. We had pizza with beer and wine out on the deck. Tomorrow will be a rest and resupply day.


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