Day 63 – Martins Hut to Riverton

Martins Hut to Riverton – 30kms

Total – 1234kms

I packed up and left camp as soon as it was light enough to see where I was going in the bush. It took me about four hours to get out to the road. I went off track at one point where I missed a stream crossing. Many others had done the same thing as I was following their tracks until I realised I hadn’t seen a marker for a while. I stopped and followed the stream back and found the marker I had missed. I constructed a large arrow made of rocks from the stream and laid down some dead punga branches in a line to cut off the false track. I filled my water bottles because the tank water at the hut was disgusting so I was pretty thirsty at that point.

Once I was on the road it was 5kms to Colac Bay and the tavern where I had planned to stay for the night. They were fully booked out though and there is nowhere else to stay so I had to carry on to Riverton another 12kms away. Jade was at the tavern having lunch (two mains and a swappa bottle of DB Draught). He is trying to finish at Bluff today by doing 100kms. Not sure if that lunch will help him. He had been trying to get me to do it with him but I really didn’t feel the need to. It will take about 24 hours and it’s not all easy going either.

After a feed at the tavern I walked the beach to the end of the bay then joined the Tihaka Beach track that continued around the coast before climbing over the hill to Riverton through Mores scenic reserve. The beach was slow going in the soft pebbles. The coastal track was awesome. There was a mix of farmland, beach and rock walking. The tide was high so I had to be careful in places and time the swells. I really enjoyed being around the water with the sea breeze and big waves crashing around.

Dad had already booked a batch for tomorrow night so contacted the owners to book it for tonight as well so I could stay there. When I arrived there I made a quick trip to the supermarket then I got straight into cleaning my gear, washing clothes, boots, showering etc. It is good to feel clean again!

I will have a rest day tomorrow as I made up a day today. The next day I will walk to Invercargill then it will be the final day to Bluff.

Stewart Island on horizon on left
Looking back at Colac Bay

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