Day 60 – Telford Campsite to Birchwood Station

Telford Campsite to Birchwood Station – 27kms

Total – 1158kms

I was packed up and walking by 8.30am and looking forward to a warm and sunny day through Mt Linton Station. I was walking through open farm land the whole day. Up and over a few hills, crossing stiles, through paddocks full of sheep and cows.

One thing I have become more aware of is how much farms do pollute the streams and rivers that flow through them. It is very noticeable after spending lots of time in high country and mountain areas where the water is so pure.

I struggled today mentally after the last few days. Its my feet mainly that are the problem. I have been walking in wet smelly boots for three days and my feet are not in good condition. I have sores on the top of my toes that are rubbing, raw and oozing and hurt every step. Days like today I just want it to be over with!

I was almost out of the station following a farm race when I saw a trespassing sign for TA walkers telling me to turn around and go back (up the hill) and find the track and follow the orange markers. That really pissed me off! I was so annoyed and still had 7kms to go of climbing over stiles and walking through paddocks. It was easy to miss the track where it came off the race. Why didn’t they put the sign up there!? Very frustrating.

I stayed at a private hut on Birchwood Station for $20. It has a shower (hot water ran out after one minute), gas cooking, toilet, power and bunk room. Charlie and Dave, a couple I met at the camp spot yesterday, caught a ride with the farmer into town for a pub meal then got the courtesy coach back. I stayed at the hut to eat the food I already have and lighten my pack.

Dave found out that a bush section we are doing tomorrow is closed so we will walk the road to Merrivale Hut instead.

Birchwood Station Hut

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