This Is Really Happening…

Only 64 days now until I set off. It is just around the corner and is starting to feel very real!

My training schedule has not gone to plan. I have done as much as I can but life gets in the way a lot. Flu’s and tummy bugs this winter have been horrendous and really slowed me down. From now on I must do as much as possible, or I will regret it. I have read enough blogs of those who have gone before me, to know that preparation makes all the difference. My main concern and focus now is to sort out my lower back issues. I need to get strong and use this time to test myself while I have Tania at Strength and Soul to help promote healing with her soft tissue massage. I am also seeing a chiropractor and an osteopath on a regular basis to ensure my body is going to be in the best condition possible.

I quickly realised that I am capable of walking 30+ km’s in a day. Start hitting some elevations with 20kgs on your back and you soon see where your fitness is at. So up and down the hills I will go. I have the perfect backyard where I live in Whangarei for this type of training. Mt Parihaka, Mt Manaia, Bream Head track and Pukenui Forest are my training grounds (photos below). So from now on, every chance I get, i’m out there. I have learnt the best way to train for hiking is getting out and hiking with a pack on. It will strengthen your core, back, shoulders and legs. Throw in some daily crunches and press ups and your a lean, mean hiking machine!

I have no concerns about being physically ready for this. But I know I will struggle mentally. The nerves are already starting to set in. Lot’s of “what if’s” running through my head. I talked about being away from my wife and kids in my first post and this is always going to be the biggest challenge for me, and for them. I have wondered plenty of times if this is the best time to be doing this walk but hey, i’m in way too deep now so I just have to suck it up! It is only 10 weeks at the end of the day 🙂

Still receiving so much support from everyone I know and my following is increasing every day as the awareness grows that I am raising money for Alzheimers Northland. Friends and work colleagues have organised a quiz night, bake sales and selling raffle tickets. I have gained several sponsors now as well. All this combined has covered the expenses so I can get on with the hard part. I really have been blown away by how much people have got behind me on this.

I really hope I can raise a significant amount of money for this amazing charity. You can donate by going to my Every Day Hero Page.

Until next time…

“The world is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark.” – John Muir.


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