Day 11 – Kerikeri to Paihia


Total 253kms

I met with Hannah from Alzheimer’s Northland this morning. She came to see me off before I headed into the Waitangi forest. All forestry road walking again but it was nice. The pines are mature and so provided plenty of shade until I came out at the treaty grounds. The pine needles also provided a soft cushioning under foot down the centre strip or to the side of the road. As I came down and out of the forest the view openned up to the bay and it was a stunning day. I took a quick detour up to Mt Bledisloe lookout.

Paihia was humming today. There is a cruise ship in the bay and markets going in the town centre. All the tourist attractions were busy. I arrived in Paihia at 1pm and Katie and the kids met me at the south end beach outside Bay Beach Hire. I will be paddling from there tomorrow morning.

It was so good to see the family. We played on the beach and the play ground and then had dinner at Jimmy Jack’s. Hard to say goodbye again but I will be seeing them again on Friday.

I hope to be in Oakura by tomorrow night but not sure if I will make it that far yet. There is a four hour kayak, hike through Russell forest which includes four kms where the river is the trail and then some more road walking to Oakura.


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