Day 41 – #10 Campsite to Ongarue

#10 Campsite to Ongarue (The Timber Trail)


Total 1008kms

I am out of the Pureora forest park now. I was lacking energy and enthusiasm today. My body is feeling stiff and tired. I need a rest day. Today was much the same as yesterday with a few more suspension bridges and similar terrain. There was a dark tunnel to feel my way through and a spiral which was built as an efficient way to get the locomotive up a hill.

When I came out to the road there was a small bike rental place and a camp ground set up by the TA trust with a shed, toilet and sink. I walked a further 2kms to the Ongarue township to see the back packer accommodation. I really wanted a shower. It was $120 a night so I asked the owner (Rem) if there was somewhere I could camp. Right next door was a reserve with a public toilet and picnic table. It is a really nice spot so I am happy to camp here for the night. Rem told me to come back if I want later on for a beer and to charge my phone. I went back at 5pm and did that. Rem asked me what I wanted to drink. “Red, blue or yellow?” I went for a speights and he brought out a long neck. The second one was ‘on the house’ and then he cooked a batch of Cassava chips for us. They were so good and crunchy with heaps of salt and tartare sauce! The neighbour who owns a bed and breakfast next door came over for a while. I thought he was American but he told me he was born in India and lived there for 18 years and that’s where his accent comes from. He said he has worked in 40 countries doing micro loaning for poor people and even worked with mother Teresa in the slums. Im not sure if he was telling the truth or not. I have been meeting some interesting people.

1000kms down, 688 to go.


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