Day 69 – Porirua to Wellington City

Porirua to Wellington City


Total 1672kms

I started very early today and was walking back up to Colonial Knob in the dark before 6am. I needed my phone torch to see going up the bush track. By the time I got half way up the sun was providing enough light and the sunrise looked great from the top. I walked along the top of the hills to the west of Tawa and then dropped down to Ohariu Valley road. I walked about 5kms down through the valley then joined the track up to Mt Kaukau. When I arrived at the summit I got my first view of the city. That was a great moment for me. I have made it! I sat at the picnic table for a while and thought about how far I have come. I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved and it is a feeling I dont think I have experienced before. I was on a high today, walking without a pack and at times breaking into a jog. I had so much energy and I could have easily done the last 17kms to finish at Island Bay. The weather was perfect today as well.

I made my way down the mountain and came out at Ngaio, then through Wadestown, a few parks and finished at the Botanic Gardens. I had some time to pass waiting for Hayley to pick me up after picking up Katie from the airport. I went to a barber shop and got my beard tidied up then sat at a cafe for a while.

Needless to say, it was great to see Katie after six weeks! Tomorrow we will finish the walk and Hayley is coming too.


2 thoughts on “Day 69 – Porirua to Wellington City

  1. Elaine Potter

    Have loved reading your journey Dean. Even feels like I’m there sometimes. Just as well I’m not I can hardly walk to the letterbox and back now. Thank you it has been a real eye opener.


  2. Jo Speary

    Wow Dean so what began as a path less travelled 🧳 you have added your footprint 👣 to the track. So proud for you. Have followed your journey even though we only met for an evening at Waiata. If you would like a travelling buddy for the South Island sector count me in.


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