Day 21-23 – Rest days

Due to a big system of unseasonably wet and cold weather I have been forced to wait it out. The next section, Arthur’s Pass National Park, has many unbridged river crossings and some of the biggest I will encounter on the trail. The river levels rise quickly and I would have been forced to wait it out in a hut for a day or two for them to drop again. There is also a large amount of snow expected down to 1000m and a lot of strong winds. I opted to wait it out in comfort in Hanmer Springs where I can eat good food and soak at the springs. I have been phoning home and have had the opportunity to get some papers signed and sent back in relation to our house build that is starting to get underway. Katie has been busy at home sorting all of that, along with everything else and while the kids are on school holidays.

I will set off again tomorrow morning from Boyle. Dad and Janeen will be doing a four day hike on the St James walkway and then meet me with the car at Arthur’s Pass to top up my supplies before I continue through to Lake Coleridge. This is an eight day section for me. It could be longer if held up by high river levels.

We haven’t been too lazy in Hanmer. Have been for a few walks including Conical Peak which overlooks the town. Yesterday there was no snow on the tops. This morning all the hills are covered in snow! So weird in the middle of summer and there is more to come. The locals are saying they have never seen snow at this time of year. Me and dad could see the black clouds over the ranges above while we were in the hot pools yesterday. I have bought a beanie and have packed some warm gloves too. It’s going to be cold!

I have decided to push on tomorrow and have found a few other solo guys on Facebook who are going in to the same section tomorrow and also would appreciate some company. There is another group at Boyle Village waiting until Friday so they will be right behind us. I have provisioned for a few extra days as it is very possible I might need to wait for river levels to drop.

Anyway, I’m off for another massage and soak at the hot springs!

Left-over lamb shank sandwich!

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