Day 15 – Whananaki to Ngunguru

Whananaki to Ngunguru


Total 346kms

More spectacular views today following the Whananaki coastal track to Matapouri before going bush again through the Matapouri bush track to Ngunguru. I was feeling very light today without my backpack and I would have been much quicker if I didn’t take so many photos. I found some new inspiration when I stopped to talk to a guy who I noticed was riding is bicycle up and down a hill at Woolleys Bay. He was training for the next paralympics and is pushing himself to his absolute limit every day.

My friends and biggest supporters Sally and Raewyn from work were waiting for me at Tane Moana, the giant kauri tree. They brought me drinks and food and we went back to Sally’s for icecream before Raewyn and I finished the last few kms down the main drag of Ngunguru. Sally’s daughter Kayla and her 2 year old girl also joined us for a short walk. I was given a donation from a friendly local who had heard about what I was doing and was keen to contribute.

Katie and the kids came to pick me up again today and I will start at 7am tomorrow from the other side of the Ngunguru Estuary because I will lose a day if I wait for a ride across. I thought I would be able to cross on foot at low tide but I did not read my trail notes properly and it is not possible.

I highly recommend the Whananaki coastal track to any of my local friends who have not done it yet. It is only a couple of hours of easy-going walking.


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