Day 16 – Ngunguru to Ocean Beach

Ngunguru to Ocean Beach


Total 377kms

Timing the tides this morning was crucial so I could cross the Taiharuru Estuary on foot. Low tide was roughly 9am so I started walking at 7am. It worked out perfectly and I didn’t even get my shorts wet. I walked inland up the estuary for maybe an hour and found the marker post which signalled the best place to cross. I used the long grass on the other side which was still wet with morning dew to clean the thick, black mud off my feet.

It was mostly road walking today. There was a short bush walk over Kauri Mountain then 6kms down Ocean Beach to finish. I was done by 12.30pm and had a swim to cool off. Katie arrived not long after and Jesse and I had a play in the water together.

I was able to get back in time to pick Ayla and Abby up from school and kindy which they always love. Abby’s class has been tracking my progress every day, learning along the way and doing their own little walks. It is so awesome. I took a photo of the board they have been using.

I recorded short clips of my day today from start to finish and had a go at editing it with a new app on my phone. It turned out good I think so I will do more of them.


One thought on “Day 16 – Ngunguru to Ocean Beach

  1. marilyn assance

    I am really enjoying your blog as i was lucky enough to do a teacher exchange in the year 2000. I taught at Hora Hora In Whangarei and lived close to pahiaia on the ocean beach road! I remember often getting the fish and chips from the little store there! delicious Yum
    I also remember going to the pub in pahiaia. My daughter who was 18 at the time accompanied me and she went to the girls high school in Whangarei. obviously we did many trips to ocean beach being so close to it. I am loving you pictures of that particular beach. I also climbed up mount mania.and i remember well the particular estuary you crossed as we had a school camp there !


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