Day 20 – Mangawhai to Pakiri

Mangawhai to Pakiri


Total 469kms

I have crossed the boarder into the Auckland region. Home is well and truly behind me now. I feel like a new chapter in my adventure has begun and the places I go and landscapes I see from now on will not be so familiar. Except for the big city itself.

Today was fairly easy going. Half road and half beach. I felt my feet starting to ache again from the repetitive pounding on flat, hard surfaces. Bush and off road tracks are slower but better on your feet, I have found. Not so good on your calves though. Off road usually means lots of hill climbing.

I am staying at Pakiri Beach Holiday Park tonight in a cabin. I had intended to sleep in my tent until I saw the weather report and changed my booking. The forecast has since changed and it looks like there will be over night rain tomorrow rather, when I will have no choice but to pitch my tent. I have had a pretty good run so far with the weather. If the massive amount of rain forecast for Christmas eve does not eventuate then that would be great too. I will say a little prayer to the trail God before bed.

The next two days are going to be massive. I will have a very early night tonight and set off at around 6ish in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Mangawhai to Pakiri

  1. Elaine Potter

    You are a star Dean, really. Good luck with all that. You are making sensible decisions. You have to look after yourself. It is very interesting following your journey.


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