Day 19 – Waipu Cove to Mangawhai

Waipu Cove to Mangawhai


Total 443kms

I know some people reading this will think “Hey, it’s not 20kms from Waipu Cove to Mangawhai, is it?”. True – It is only 15kms by road, but I am taking the path less travelled remember. Which is worth mentioning because the whole trail is much longer than if you were to drive from Cape Reinga to Wellington. If you followed the main highways from top to bottom you would have travelled roughly 1064kms, according to Google maps. However, the Te Araroa trail is 1688kms. It is about one hundred clicks shorter than last year due to a few forest closures and diversions. So the trail I am following is over one third longer than it would be if you were driving. The trail is not intended to be the fastest route. So far I have walked in all directions from west to east and even north at times. Te Araroa is New Zealand’s Trail – taking in the best of our landscapes from beaches to volcanoes to forests to cities.

Mum dropped me off and we listened to my interview on MoreFM on the way out. I started the morning by completing my ascent up to the eastern ridgeline of the Brynderwyns. I followed the Langsview track down to Cove Road and then crossed over into farm land before starting on the Mangawhai Cliffs track. It has been amazing coming down the coast but I am ready for a new view and will be heading back inland in a few days. It is cool to be up high though and looking back down the coast and seeing how far I have come in only two days.

I am staying at Couple Comfort BnB tonight and it is very nice. The owner Jude and her husband have kindly allowed me to stay here for free to support my cause.

Another friend Kellie from my work took me out for dinner tonight and I had a Beer Braised Brisket burger. So good. It was cool to catch up with Kellie who has also been a keen supporter of what I am doing. Kellie also helped me to remember that a bad day on the trail is better than a good day at work!


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