Day 18 – Marsden Point to Waipu Cove

Marsden Point to Waipu Cove


Total 423kms

Dad dropped me off at the Marsden Point refinery which is directly opposite Reotahi Bay across the Whangarei harbour. I had another McDonalds breakfast this morning on the way out.

It was mostly flat walking. I started along Ruakaka Beach and pulled off into the dunes out of the wind to talk on the phone to John and Flash from MoreFM. After that I crossed the estuary at low tide. I had a coffee with Gary who works to promote Alzheimer’s Northland and raise money for them. Gary walked with me down to Uretiti Beach. Only half a km further down Shaun was walking up to meet me and Raewyn was waiting not much further down. They walked with me all the way to Waipu where they had parked their car. Raewyn brought me Powerade, chocolate and oranges which gave me a good boost before finishing the last 10kms around to Waipu Cove and up Cullen Road into the Brynderwyns.

Katie and the kids picked me up and we had a swim at the beach. We had planned to have dinner at the Pizza Barn but Jesse was playing up too much so we flagged that and had Burger King instead. I was really looking forward to the ribs at Pizza Barn all day!


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