Day 23 – Puhoi to Torbay

Puhoi to Torbay


Total 557kms

Coming out of Puhoi and joining the Christmas traffic was a change of pace. I walked the road all the way to Torbay. The trail normally takes you around the rocks from Waiwera to Orewa but the tide was high so I could not do this and I can’t afford to wait six hours for low tide. The road over the hill was too dangerous with so much traffic and the rain but luckily Katie was on her way down with the kids and so gave me a ride over. I left my pack in the car too and then walked at a good pace for 20kms to Torbay.

I only took two photos all day. It was raining all day so I didn’t want to pull my phone out too often. I had attempted to waterproof my boots with plastic bags taped around my ankles and duct tape over the worn parts but it only took a couple of hours for the water to find it’s way in. It felt great to strip all my wet clothes off at the end and get into the car. We drove back to Katie’s dads place in Remuera which will be base camp for the next four or five nights until I am south of Auckland. Christmas day is a rest day.


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