Day 25 – Torbay to Mt Eden

Torbay to Mt Eden


Total 585kms

Richard joined me today to walk the east coast bays. The tide was high again so we couldn’t get around some points without getting our shoes wet. I didn’t want to take the risk and opted for road walking most of the way. It was still very nice walking and not too much traffic to deal with. Richard and I had plenty to talk about and it was great to have the company. We have worked together at Ngawha prison. We started at 9am and were at Devonport by 2pm. Richard decided to carry on with me and catch the ferry over to the city. We had a really nice icecream on the other side then made our way up through the Auckland university, Auckland domain and then finished at Mt Eden. I was impressed with how well Richard did. We could have both pushed on another 10kms if we had to.


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