Day 26 – Mt Eden to Auckland Airport

Mt Eden to Auckland Airport


Total 618kms

It is a great view at the top of Mt Eden looking back at the city and all around. It was busy with the morning joggers and walkers. I came down and crossed over few more parks including through Cornwall Park before walking around the base of One Tree Hill. I stopped in to see some family in the area, Averil, Sam and Ben. Katie and the kids were visiting at the same time. Sam showed me his music studio with guitars and synthisisers and played me a few jams which was really cool. I could have spent much longer but had to push on. From there I headed through Onehunga and under the bridge to Mangere. There were four security guards along the footpath and cycle way tunnel that runs under the road. I stopped to ask one of them what they do there and it is basically to stop tagging and probably mugging I would say. It is a long bridge. I followed the waters edge through Ambury Park and then the Watercare Coastal walkway. That took me right through to the industrial area at the airport where I stopped for Carl’s Jnr. I was starving and thirsty. I assumed there would be more shops along the way but I didn’t pass any from Onehunga until the airport. I had planned to finish there but was feeling good so carried on for another hour or so. Katie picked me up from Prices Road and we stayed in a motel for our final night before they go home to Whangarei.


One thought on “Day 26 – Mt Eden to Auckland Airport

  1. Sally Taylor

    There is a nice lot of photos Dean, & glad you were able to get some food into your tummy. You have had some awful weather sadly. Good to see Katie & the kids. Your dad spent Christmas day with us. He has lost too much weight we think. Stay well & Don’t lose too much weight so eat when you can & drink your water hun. Stay safe. One of my friends have gone up there to live & she asked if you were related, Told her you were my kid’s younger stepbrother. Hugs Dean xoxoxowith love Sally


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