Day 27 – Auckland Airport to Bombay

Auckland Airport to Bombay


Total 657kms

I really went for it today. My biggest day so far. I really wish I had carried on for another 3kms to complete a full marathon.

It was an emotional start to the day saying goodbye to Katie and the kids. I wont see them now for six weeks. It’s amazing what a good walk can do to help you process your thoughts though and I think that’s probably why I walked so far. I still dont have my full pack on either. I am staying at my sisters in Pokeno for a couple of nights and Katie went there for a visit after dropping me off at the airport so she was able to leave my gear there for me.

I have been really enjoying my days through the city. I thought it would be boring but it has been great. There is so much going on and a new view around every corner. It feels good having lots of people around and the convenience of food options everywhere. It just feels a lot more comfortable, civilised and safe. Not to mention the easy walking terrain.

I started on Prices Road and crossed a farm park which came out into the Wiri industrial area. I crossed over to Manukau city and through a few parks before going under the motorway and along the bottom of the Auckland Botanic Gardens. I walked the full length of Porchester road to Papakura where I stopped for lunch. I followed Great South road to Drury and then stuck to the east side of the motorway all the way to Bombay. It was a nice steady climb up the hill to finish the day which seems to often be the way.

I met a few guys on the trail before heading up to Bombay. Danny and Oscar. They were exhausted and lying in the shade. They did not know where they would camp for the night but were confident they would find something. I wished them luck and carried on while thinking how fortunate I was to have all the comforts of home ahead of me and all I had to was call Cole (my sister) and arrange a place to get picked up. My brother in-law Roger and nephew Liam picked me up and had a cold beer for me in the car. Earned! A big feed and a good catch up later and I was in bed by 9pm so I could get up and do it all over again.


5 thoughts on “Day 27 – Auckland Airport to Bombay

  1. Sally Taylor

    Cole would have been happy to see you Dean Gosh you did do well today & it was a lovely day as well not too hot nor cold. It’s a fair walk when you think about it gosh. I know Cole would have had you something to eat & drink which is what you need & Jarred gladly give up his bed for you. Roger is a damned good sort as well aye.Enjoy your time them them. xx


  2. Hinemoa

    It’s awesome to see views of Auckland from a walking perspective. Heading into Waikato territory now….heaps of cows….
    Be safe and have a happy new year Dean. Look forward to more spectacular views.

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