Day 32 – Pukete to Whatawhata

Pukete to Whatawhata


Total 779kms

I had to say goodbye to the girls again this morning. It was not as hard as last time in Auckland because I was grateful for the extra time I got to be with them. I had some people to walk with. Diana had contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to walk with me through south Auckland. I forgot to get back in touch to organise it so she came down to Hamilton with two of her friends to join me instead. They walked for half the day with me. Dad also came along today and we completed 29kms of mostly road walking out to Old Mountain Road. The trail took us through the Taitua Arboretum and then a few kms walking across a farm. Mt Pirongia is now in full view. I will walk the foothills to the base of it tomorrow.


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