Day 33 – Whatawhata to Kaniwhaniwha Reserve

Whatawhata to Kaniwhaniwha Reserve


Total 795kms

Dad dropped me off at the end of Old Mountain Road and I walked 5kms up the winding road and into the foothills of Mt Pirongia. My ankle was feeling very stiff and started to hurt again. There were two ladies walking down the road towards me and they asked me what I was doing. We chatted for five minutes or so and when I started walking again my ankle was totally fine. It just needed a warm up and then a rest to get it moving again. I came off the road and followed an easy farm track for 6kms over the Kapamahunga Range. I really enjoyed this bit. There were a few scrambles up some steep hills and spectacular views over Waikato which would have been even better if it was not so overcast. The trail changed to bush for a short while as I came off the hills. The rain caught me out as I came out onto Limeworks Loop Road. I did not bring any wet weather gear (I still have my day pack on). I stood under trees for the heavy stuff so it wasn’t too bad. I finished at the Kaniwhaniwha Reserve at 12pm. It was an easy day today. If I knew how easy it was going to be I would have pushed on further yesterday and gained a day to have up my sleeve for later.

Scott picked me up from the reserve and we went into Hamilton so I could resupply for the next four days ahead. I am going with the flow at the moment and not sure exactly where I will end up after coming out of Pirongia. I might be able to push hard and make it to Te Kuiti in two days rather than three and get another day up my sleeve. I want a bit more time to be flexible going into the Tararua ranges before Wellington. I want to be in Wellington by the 9th February and have booked a hotel already. It doesn’t matter if I have to cancel that but I like working towards a finish date. It keeps me motivated and I dont want to be away from home any longer than I need to be. I am still right on schedule so I am confident now I will finish on time. Give or take a day.


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