Day 43 – Rest

I spent most of today planning and deciding where I will stay each night for the next 10 days. That will take me through to Whanganui. Tomorrow I will get a ride back into town and resupply at the supermarket before continuing on the trail to Owhango. Another full day of road walking. I will camp at the reserve next to the Whakapapa river. The following two days I will walk the 42nd Traverse and find a spot to camp around half way and then at the Tongariro Holiday Park. The next day I will start the Tongariro Crossing and I have booked a bunk at the Oturere hut up the mountain. The Oturere hut is 4kms off the trail down another track but that is fine. I decided to split the crossing over two days so I can really take my time and enjoy the scenery. I will spend a night in the Whakapapa village and then a day to hike over to National Park. I have booked a backpackers bed there. I organised Whanganui River Canoes to drop a mountain bike to me so I can ride to Whakahoro. The bike ride will include Fishers Track. I will be getting on to the Whanganui river with dad and Scott the next day. Then it is three days paddling to Pipiriki. Whanganui River Canoes have sponsored me for both the bike hire and canoe hire! I booked the John Coull hut for the first night and a cabin at the Bridge To Nowhere campsite for accommodation along the river. Then I will camp at Pipiriki, have another bike delivered to me and cycle all the way to Whanganui the next day.

So you can see why it took me most of the day to plan and book all of this. I could not do it until now because I could not be confident about dates. Having gained two days in the last week or so has been very helpful and I will be able to take my time and enjoy the next leg of my journey.


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