Day 44 – Taumarunui to Owhango

Taumarunui to Owhango


Total 1059kms

Phil from the holiday park dropped me into town this morning. I got some supplies from New World to last me for the next six days and McDonalds for breakfast and coffee before starting my road walk to Owhango. The conditions were great for walking and forecast for cooler temperatures. I was walking at an easy pace and not in any hurry. There was an ugly Ostrich that followed me down a fence line as I walked past. Weird looking creatures they are. I dont like them. Then a horse followed me down the fence line of the next paddock. I was coming down a hill and felt some kind of muscle spasm in the tendons running into the top of my right foot. I did not think much of it at the time and then a few kms down the road I felt some pain. It got worse and so I stopped for a break. Usually that fixes any niggles but when I started again the pain was worse. It was too bad to carry on so I stopped for lunch and put some Deep Heat around the pain and massaged it the best I could. Jesse and Josh pulled up. I thought they would have been ahead of me but left their camp late in the morning. I took some Maxigesic and carried on with them with another 15kms to go. The pain was still there but after an hour it had reduced a lot. I hope it does not get worse or I will need to take another rest day. At the moment I can feel it up my leg and into my knee.

Then the rain came. It was not very heavy but enough to put a rain jacket on and be a nuisance. I dont like wearing a rain jacket because it feels gross sweating underneath it with no ventilation. And it is not fully water proof after long periods in the rain. It is better than not having one though.

We all arrived in Owhango at the same time, including Nick and Danni, and had the same idea to find somewhere dry to stay for the night. There was the old pub which looked closed but a guy came out and told us it was fully booked up with another group of 14 people going on the river. He offered us another place for $30pp. It was a four bedroom house and we got a room each with doubles beds. What a score! We went looking for a chilli bin that was mentioned in the trail notes. Someone puts it outside their house for TA walkers to help themselves to drinks. But it was not there. Maybe it wasn’t hot enough. There are no shops here any more and it is a small town. There is no cell phone reception here. I have been surprised by how many areas and towns I have been through that do not have basic coverage. We chilled at the house with a big comfy couch each and watched TV. Something none of us have done since we started our walk. I watched the news and the weather report. More rain tomorrow and the next day but should be fine by the time I get to the Tongariro Crossing.


One thought on “Day 44 – Taumarunui to Owhango

  1. Sally Taylor

    Hope your leg is doing ok Dean and not giving you grief. Dad’s partner is a nurse aye & she could hopefully tell you what you can do to help it. strap it up I would say. Good luck


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