Day 49 – Whakapapa to National Park

Whakapapa to National Park


Total 1150kms

From Whakapapa village I entered the Whakapapaiti track which took me through some very nice beech forest. There were lots of beautiful, crystal clear streams and rivers coming from the mountains. Out of the forest the view of Ruapehu was amazing. I turned off onto the Mangahuia track and descended through an open tussock covered area. It was very boggy in places. The track came out to a campsite and SH47. I walked a further 6kms up the road to National Park.

I will not be walking again until I am leaving Whanganui next Saturday. That is two cycle days, three river days and a rest day in Whanganui. I will not be able to post any updates until I’m off the river.


4 thoughts on “Day 49 – Whakapapa to National Park

  1. Mum

    Thank goodness. Couldn’t imagine trying to ride with the big pack🤪🚲🚲
    You are doing great, can’t believe you are so close to being finished now, lots of love Mumxxxx❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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