Day 50 – National Park to Whakahoro

National Park to Whakahoro


Total 1203kms

I would like to come back to National Park again and use it as a base to do some more activities around the area. There are heaps of awesome day walks and other activities like mountain biking, rafting, 4wd and skiing in winter that would be great to do with the family when the kids are old enough. The town has indoor rock climbing and mini golf too.

Ben from Whanganui River Canoes dropped off my mountain bike at 8.30am to the YHA and took my backpack. He was on his way to Whakahoro so delivered it to the Blue Duck cafe for me to pick up on arrival. Just out of town was the start of Fishers track. It was an awesome ride and all downhill for approximately 13kms. I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. I got a bit too confident coasting down the track and could not stop in time for a large rut ahead of me. The front wheel hit hard and I smashed my shin on one of the pedals. Then I went too fast into a muddy patch and the bike slipped out from under me. I landed on my side and hurt my knee a bit on a rock. I came across two wild goats and two deer. They sprinted away from me down the track and then eventually into the bush. When I came off the track it was another 40kms of road to Whakahoro. Mostly metal road. I had a very sore arse by then end of it. I passed Josh then Nick and Dani and Jesse was already at the Blue Duck cafe when I arrived. I got a coffee and noticed a massive chocolate brownie that had just come out of the oven and was cooling on the table. I told the lady how good it looked and she cut me a piece and gave it to me with my coffee. She mentioned that they were making a big goat curry for a few tourist buses coming into town later and told me to come back at 6.30 for all I can eat. We all hung at the cafe until after dinner. A lady called Sue joined us at our table. She is an ED doctor from Auckland and is cycling the country south bound.

A large group of youths on a holiday programme arrived at the campsite. 150 of them. They are getting on the river tomorrow morning too. Hopefully they dont hold us up.


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