Day 56 – Whanganui to Koitiata

Whanganui to Koitiata


Total 1391kms

Today started off ok with some nice easy road walking out of Whanganui on SH3. A young french guy called Hiliare caught up to me just out of Whanganui. I have met him before when I was on the Timber Trail. He walks until he feels like stopping and asks to camp on peoples lawns. Has worked well for him so far. We talked for a while then separated when I stopped for a short break. I stopped again for lunch in a small town called Turikina. There was nothing there except an antique and collectables shop/cafe. There was an impressive amount of old plates and tea cups in there and all sorts of junk. I had a quick lunch then carried on. Just out of Turikina I turned off to Koitiata. The closer I got to the coast the stronger the wind got. I was battling the wind most of the day. It was a strong and gusterly westerly and it would catch my pack and push me around. The wind persisted all day and afternoon and then overnight it dropped a bit. I camped at the Koitiata campsite right next to the beach. The beach was really interesting and rugged with so much driftwood washed up along the shore. Not just little stuff either. I don’t know where it all comes from.


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