Day 57 – Koitiata to Bulls

Koitiata to Bulls


Total 1421kms

I did not sleep well last night in my tent. I was waking up to the wind and tossing and turning all night. Feeling tired and drained made the whole day a bit of a struggle. I was taking it 5kms at a time but they each felt like 10. The first 8kms were along the beach which was nice for a change but the westerly wind was still coming in strong and pushing me around. I came off the beach and on to forestry roads which were long and straight but sheltered from the wind. The last 15kms into Bulls were plain old road walking. I was tired and cranky from the relentless wind pushing me around and my feet were aching again. I put some music on for the last 5kms. That took my mind off it and helped me push on. I like Bulls. It is a cool little town. Any town with a supermarket and a McDonalds rates pretty highly though.

Donna picked me up from Bulls and has kindly offered to have me stay at her place for the next two nights as I pass through the area. Donna is the manager for Alzheimers Manuatu. We went out to Donna’s friends house, Jo and Carmel, for dinner. We had fillet steak and salads! They were very nice people. I had a shower, a few beers and even got my washing done. I left with a block of chocolate too. Now I am at Donna’s and have a self contained sleep out which is like five star luxury.


2 thoughts on “Day 57 – Koitiata to Bulls

  1. Carmel Boyle

    So lovely to meet you Dean, I wish you well on your future travels. Our paths may cross later in the year when we come to watch the Manawatu Turbos beat
    Northland….. Yeah Right!

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