Day 58 – Bulls to Palmerston North

Bulls to Palmerston North


Total 1457kms

I did not need my pack today and was able to leave it at Donna’s place. It makes a big difference. I felt very light and had the wind behind me. It was a bit cold in the morning but the heat turned on by 12. I made it to Fielding by 1pm and had a good long break. I was starving and still feeling tired. Fielding is a really nice town and friendly people. I had a footlong subway with drink and then a large chocolate and cream donut from the bakery. My stomach was so full and sore when I started to walk again. Hiliare had popped out of Mt Lees reserve in front of me about an hour or two before I got to Fielding. We walked together and he carried on when I stopped.

There were more very long and straight roads today and at times the traffic was heavy. Just out of Bunnythorpe the trail went onto farmland that ran parallel to the road and there were heaps of stiles to climb over. I finished at the countdown in Kelvin Grove where Donna picked me up. I saw Hiliare there again. He was resupplying and carrying on for another 15kms.

I still have another 8kms to get to the palmy holiday park and will stay there for the night. I will meet up with Jesse and Josh before heading out of town and into the Tararuas. I will need to resupply with enough food for about seven days.


2 thoughts on “Day 58 – Bulls to Palmerston North

  1. Felix

    Hi Dean!
    We wish you all the best for your tramp and the raising of money for Alzheimer-Research!
    Keep safe and strong for the rest of your tour 🙂
    Vanessa and Felix

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