Day 2 – Endeavour Inlet to Kumutoto Bay

Endeavour Inlet to Kumutoto Bay – 27kms

Total 44kms

I didn’t sleep well last night. I felt like I was awake all night tossing and turning. It was cold and I couldn’t get comfortable. Scott and Janeen were the same. It took a while to get the body going. There was plenty of uphill to start and I was digging deep to find the energy. There was lots of uphill slogs all day actually. Around 1600m of ascent in total. Queen Charlotte is more challenging than I expected. I wasn’t looking at the maps in enough detail. Just over 9 hours today. Tomorrow will be similar. We are finishing the last 25kms of the Queen Charlotte in Anakiwa.

The views really opened up today and we spent a bit of time on the ridgeline. We could see both Charlotte Sound to the left and Kenepuru Sound to the right. The sun was out and it was much warmer. We finished the day at Black Rock Camp which has a view of Picton in the distance.


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