Day 3 – Kumutoto Bay to Anakiwa

Kumutoto Bay to Anakiwa – 25kms

Total 69kms

I got a good sleep last night so felt good setting off this morning. The QC track is very well serviced by DOC the camp sites are well equipped with shelter for cooking and clean tank water. The toilets are clean and don’t smell awful like most back country ones do. Thousands of people do the QC track each year. There so many options if you want to just do small sections at a time or take as long as you want and do the whole thing and stay at all the luxury lodges  along the way.

There were lots of people on the track towards the Anakiwa end just coming in a few kms and back again to visit some of the beaches. The beaches and coves are endless. I can’t describe how nice it is here. I have been amazed by how many houses and batches are dotted around the sounds. Most with their own jetties and only accessible by water. It feels like I’m in  another country, but maybe thats because I have never been to the South Island before.

We were away from camp at 7.30 this morning. The Weka were on form, trying to pinch everyone’s gear while they weren’t looking. Scott chased one down that ran away with dad’s rubbish bag. The first half of the day was harder than the second but nothing too challenging. We were all still pretty worn out by the end of it though and my feet are starting to ache a bit. I will get some softer insoles in Havelock.

We had a glass of wine with our dinner tonight and a peanut slab for desert. It almost put me to sleep. None of us will be up to see in the new year but I’m not worried about that. I am sharing a room with the bro tonight at the YHA Anakiwa. It was nice to have a shower and put on some clean clothes. Hadn’t changed anything for three days but I have to get used to that again.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Kumutoto Bay to Anakiwa

  1. Kellie

    Wow Dean!!! You’ll be due commissions for the increase in local tourists visiting after these posts, those views are awesome! Take care out there 🤩


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