Day 7 – Richmond Ranges – Pelorus Bridge to Middy Creek Hut

Pelorus Bridge to Middy Creek Hut – 27kms

Total 135kms

The day started with 14kms of road walking to the trail head of the Richmonds where we joined the track that runs parallel to the Pelorus River, and mostly under bush cover. The river is beautiful. The water was so clear, we could see the bottom when we were high above. There were three or four wire suspension bridges that ranged from small and low to long and very high! They are wobby and narrow and my pack got caught a few times. Not for anyone who doesn’t like heights.

The walk was really nice today through the bush and along the river. There were a few good climbs and all up we spent spent nine hours hiking. We were all tired by the end and as usual the last few kms are the hardest.

I had a swim as soon as we arrived at the hut. It was very refreshing. There is a family here with young kids and they were on their tenth swim of the day. They had set themselves that challenge in the morning. The sandflies here are really bad though. They are constant and hover around you like a cloud. I have some good repellent which helps. I gave some of my clothes a wash in the river and managed to get them dry just in time before the sun went down.

9 hours today. Half the distance to travel tomorrow but will take about the same amount of time or longer. Starts with a big climb to Rocks Hut. We will then continue past to Browning hut and then pass that one too and finish at Hacket Hut.


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